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Litter "A"

Statistics litter "A"

Puppies born on 8
May 2011. 
!!! All puppies have
new owners !!!  

Name Puppy Collar Sex Puppy Time of Birth Birth Weight Weight May 15 Weight May 22
A1  blue male 16:45 749 g 1415 g 2145 g 

A2 turquoise

male 17.10 674 g

1270 g

2075 g 

A3  yellow

female 17:30 572 g 1141 g 1815 g 
A4 green female 18:10 519 g 950 g  1590 g
A5... female 18:30 495 g -
A6 pink female 18:40 571 g 1140 g  1870 g
A7 red female 19:10 572 g 1142 g  1785 g
A8 purple female 19:20 440 g 870 g  1610 g

We have 2 dogs with the names of Arsen (specified) and Athos and 5 females with names Aška (specified), Anabella (specified), Akeyla (specified), Alba (specified), and Ariel. The names of Athos and Ariel are "working", the names of future owners can choose.

The delivery went smoothly and quickly. Still a puppy  A5 survived only 3 days. Veterinary doctor, after an autopsy found the cause of death: inhalation of amniotic fluid and subsequent pneumonia.

All the other puppies are doing to the world, week after nearly doubled in weight and Babeta  is exemplary caring mother.

On Sunday, 22 May all the puppies have opened her eyes.
Collars have become an important hallmark of - a clear drawing of childbirth is changing its color, lamps and lose their contours - and is expected to experience - the only original characters remain low.

In the litter of three puppies is a distinct "red" color of characters from his father - got red marks on his mother Artemis (import Sweden).

On Wednesday 26 May, most puppies have defied the movement on the back foot and there have been attempts to climb over fences hospital - will raise margins