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About Babette Pyrénées Absolon - CMKU/PHP/685/08/10

1. 5. 2011

Babetka born sixth in the order. Birth weight was 550 g. For the recognition of the other puppies breeder in your dog's diary noted: dark markings on the tail, mask on his head, or get red and white bow.


In each of the following weeks, these increases should gradually 340 g, 250 g, 400 g, 900 g, 1250 g, 1370 g, between 6 and 7 week gained even 2030 g - most of all nine puppies.
14th 9th Babetka 2008 we brought home. Weighed 10 kg.


And for us to be alive and kicking, January 2009 was 25 kg and the first exhibition in the Czech Budejovice end of April 2009 she weighed 35 kg. Currently Babetka 48 kg and 74 cm at the withers.

Because we wanted a breeding female, we embarked into her display. Our first show season was 2009. At first we thought that we take part in exhibitions only necessary for a successful stud dog bitches under the statutes of the club. But then the issue for us was not only an interesting experience with breeding Babet a wider public, breeders, but also the opportunity to meet with friends and breeders to identify trends in the breeding of Pyrenean mountain dogs.